It’s confusing… :/

I had never read any kind of blog before… So I am really not understanding anything.. 😦 I have read some of the writings from some blogs but not finding something interesting. I do not have anything to do now-a-days. So one of my cousins told me that I can read blogs n if I want I can write something here too and by doing this i will be able to pass my leisure easily. So I am here because I have nothing to do to pass my time. Well I am tired of trying to read something and now I want to write. But what should I write about? It’s confusing.. :/ Somebody told me that writing on a blog is the same thing if I allow everybody to read my personal diary. That means I can write anything,whatever comes on my mind.

Well ,as I have already told that I m really going through an extremely  boring time, today I tried to do many foolish things such as trying to make  some roshogolla at home n trying to cook all by myself. I know doing these works are not foolish. But the way I did them was funny. Anyway I don’t want everybody to know the miserable journey of the kitchen . So I am gonna avoid the story. Well now only one thing is playing inside my head. And that is the new journey of my life. A journey towards my dream.  Yah. I  m gonna be a student of a university now. A university which was my dream. A university in where my idol teaches.I am gonna be a student of Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal. wow.. I feel blessed. I know it’s gonna be tough for me to leave my mother and go far away from her. I know I  am gonna miss her every moment. But may be it’s gonna be exciting too. The city sylhet is one of the most beautiful cities of my countries and I am sure  that I am gonna make a lot of new friends soon. I m really excited  and waiting for that day …. I want to enjoy every moment of my life because u never know any of them can become the last one. I want to enjoy my studies , want to do new experiments and want to have fun through learning. I don’t want to waste my life in doing something which can not make me happy and satisfied. I want to do something I enjoy to do.

I have a lot of dreams and they flies inside my mind. I want to make my dreams to come true. Anyway the battery of my pc is about to die.. I think now I should stop writing this and go to bed.. tata…. 🙂